Phase 1 testing » Straight In

Nose profile. Plan is to use only two underwing fuel tanks. Nice to have extra fuel but there is a drag penalty to be paid, too.

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  1. Benny Wiesel Says:

    I appreciate if you can provide me some drawing of the fuel tank and tip tank (external view and dimensions), and/or some photo.
    I need them for a model
    Benny Wiesel

  2. largay Says:

    HAd to take dimensions from spare tanks in shop. Thus the wait. Dimensions of tanks:
    1. Tip tanks. 19″ diameter, 128″ long, rounded spun aluminum front, not angled. Rear horizontal fin ends at 6.5″ from rear-most end of tank. Fin base (against tank) is 19″ long, forward edge of fin is 18.5″, rear edge of fin is 22″, fin is approx 20″ average width. Fin sits horizontal.

    2. Underwing tank: 138″ long overall, 19″ diameter. Front cone is 38″ long, angled to forward end with rounded nose bowl. Rear cone is 38″, same as front. (Thus, center section of tank is straight 68″ long) 3 fins. 2 horizontal, one verticle facing UP. Vertical fin larger than horizontal. Vertical =12″ width measured halfway from base of fin outward. Rear end of tank fin is 14″, front edge of fin is 9″.

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