Almost There

N87921 is almost ready for flight testing.  It’s taking some more time than expected for many reasons. But not for a blog.

It’s time for taxi testing at high speeds but the radios were not working properly.  Poor transmission and the intercom went kaput.  We pulled the system apart and found the wiring under the co-pilot’s intercom panel bad.  We rewired the system, including new microphone cord.  Thought it is working well, then it went tango-uniform again.  We think we have a bad antenna wire (new) and will pull out old stuff.

I’m anxious now to get this bird in the air.  I’ve missed too many fly-ins and Jet Blasts.  Will let you all know this weekend if I get it fixed.  If so, expect a follow-up on high speed taxi tests and radio work.

Still must do high power run ups and see if my governors are working correctly. Impossible to tell right now without burning up the asphalt.

Stay tuned.  More to come.

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3 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. Henk Zuurbier Says:

    charlie,do you have this thing in the air yet or what??

    I wanna see mo pics of it.


    Henk Zuurbier
    T-33 crewchief wendover utah

  2. largay Says:

    Hello Henk! Answer–no! Just when I thought it would fly, during taxi tests, I found some wiring problems in the intercom/radio systems. So out came the seats, electrical, etc. Doing it right, no half-assed.

  3. Henk Zuurbier Says:

    Sorry to hear that you have problems again.But I am glad that you are persistent and want to do the job right. thumbs up!!!!

    Keep me updated and I hope it is just a stupid old wire that is easy to find or a connector that isn’t doing its job.


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