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Airworthiness Certificate!

Today, March 15, 2011, was inspection day for the A37.  The paperwork took 3 times longer than the aircraft inspection, actually.

Engine Start. FOD screen coming up.

We pulled the bird out, started it up, made noise, turned on the lights, flapped up and down, wiggled the wings back and forth, pulled the tail up and down, and did all kinds of magical pilot stuff.  After toggleling the trim up and down, left and right, back and forth, all the movements were correct and verified. He liked that!  Then I wiggled the nose wheel with the power steering to show that I really knew my stuff!

Ready to go

All paperwork was in order, except I needed to print out a new 8130-6 Application. Somehow I left my original at the office. So a print out and new signature finalized everything.

Ops Limits were as expected.  The DAR knew his regs and liked the airplane, so it went smoothly.

We celebrated with a big burger and beer at a local pub–11 years of work completed.  Now we just have to fly this puppy!