Taking time to do it RIGHT!

Throughout a restoration like this, one has to put faith in people who have particular skills, such as radio wiring.  And it is more than a little discomforting to find the faith was misplaced.

I have finished the intercom re-wire and found everything to be in order except  for one internal microphone amplifier which needs replacement. But first I have to FIND that replacement.  Beyond that, I (we) found some poorly designed and assembled VOR wire bundles. So out it came. It is being re-wired now with new bundles and plugs, fit and installed properly.  Screw this tie-wrap assembly crap!  Correct Adel clamp securing will replace the old stuff.

While this sounds rather easy, I had to disassemble the pilot’s panel and instruments to get to the wire bundles in question.  (the ejection seats and center console radio and Ox system have already been removed for this).  Then remove some fuselage fairing in front of the windshield that is always a pain to R and R due to its 87  -832 flush screws.  One step forward, 10 steps back.  When this is completed, I hope to put everything back together and let her rip!

Can someone tell me how you can drop an Adel clamp within a limited space and LOSE IT?  How can it disappear like that?  Hours searching for a damn nut or clamp and it vanishes right in front of you. That makes (I actually keep score on this!) one Adel clamp. two 1032 nuts, one razor blade in the cockpit.  When the bird gets into aerobatics I will carry a trash bag and mini-magnet to collect the wayward articles.  Uh, copilot, would you hold it inverted for a minute while I collect this trash from the canopy?  Thanks. Now let me vacuum everything up.

It’s going to be a few weeks before everything gets back together and assembled correctly.  Jeez, I hope there are no more surpirses.  My DAR is pissed off at me!

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