If anyone thinks the slow economy is not a “trickle-down and affect everyone” theory, go back to school!  Even outfits that normally sell certain wires from stock don’t have them.  Production is slow everywhere.  But I found the wire, ordered it, and it came in finally in three shipments.

So it is off to the electrical guru for the nav harnesses.  Know its been a long time.

Had a friend in town the other day, a memer of CJAA.  Owner of probably the finest L39 anywhere!  He and I spent this Tuesday buming around and he got a chance to check out the A37.  He asked all the right questions, fuel system info, power and weight ratios, etc.  Anywho, he’s on the short list to check out in the bird when its finished.  However, for some reason, he doesn’t want to pay the fuel bill for a long period of time.  Nope.  No way!

“That thing is a dinosaur pig!” he exclaimed.

“Well. DUH!” The reason the thing is so quick is that is overpowered and light to begin with.  Enormous “off the line” dragster type performace.  Not fast, quick.

Another CJAA guy who flies the A37, Dave, says its out of the hole performance is astounding.  He really enjoys the bird.  Once flying, simple and straight forward.

A couple of weeks before I can get this harness connected and the bird “rebuilt”. I got pieces of it all over the hanger, wings, UNDER the wings, on tables, rolling carts. Everywhere. But, I should finally get it together soon.

Still looking for the Andrea Intercom micrpohone amplifier.  Trying to scarf one up somewhere. It won’t keep the bird on the ground because it will be on the copilots side.

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  1. Danny Says:


    Could you let me know when this A-37B will be in an airshow?


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