Starter Problem

Have all the wiring completed and working properly. Ejection seats in, all OK. Time for taxi tests.

During pre-flight I have always spun the turbines over by hand to ensure no binding. Well, I’ve had this problem before and thought I had it licked.  But the right engine was stuck, and I knew why.  It was melted varnish from the stator.

How do you stop a jet engine? Melt the starter together.

This has happened before and we finally worked through it.  But it appears there is still some residue varnish in the stator that has leaked in between it and the armature.  So I pulled the starter and sent it to the shop for warranty repair.

YEP!  Same thing.  They’re as flumoxed as I am about this. Will get the starter back in this next weekend and turn it over.

Stator with Melted Varnish

  Forget the dates on photos. These were from an earlier starter “melt-down”. But the results are the same!

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