Starter In, Intercom fixed

Rebuilt starter went in (again!!) today. All locked up. And, took apart the intercom. The radio guru was able to rebuild the transmission amplifier. It works perfectly. 

It was interesting–the radio issue.  The microphone/earphone cable, (4-wire), is unshielded.  So it puts out a lot of RF. It jumps right into the transmitter with a loud squeal.  The amplifier fixed it. But I would have thought a shielded cable would work almost as well. 

Next time I’ll replace with a new type of shielded cable to eliminate any feedback. 

I was able to change the squeal by simply running my hand up and down the cable.  Learning new stuff all the time.

The Classic Jet Aircraft Association has an upcoming annual convention in March at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas Nevada. March 17-20. My bird won’t be there but it is a good group. Hope to see you all there.

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