Sweet Engine Sounds

With the starter back in, it was time to turn them over and burn some fuel. Starts were prefect and cool.  All gauges readings perfect. No problems. So maybe time to drive it around.  Boy, is that bird LOUD!  Will have to be careful when operating or else I am going to annoy some neighbors.  You can feel the bird just trying to break loose, even at idle.  (By the way, it is best to taxi on one engine–too much power).

When we pulled the bird out of the hangar and lit her up, we had gathered a small crowd of gawkers.  They came out of nowhere with cameras, still and video. 

Left brake was “squishy”, if there is such a word. Decided to investigate before driving too far. Found a small hydraulic leak in the copilot’s master cylinder swivel inside cockpit (a common problem with these swivels).  Took some time this weekend and pulled it out and repaired, then re-bled the brakes, filled master cylinders. Now looks and feels ok.    Seeing as the bird was on jacks we did gear retractions, checked the gear horn, cycled all systems, etc.  Perfect.  Was dead tired after two days of tool thrashing, so we quit yesterday with almost half a day remaining.

Will do high speed taxi next. Will try to do this week, rather than waiting for weekend. Holidays coming up so time is squeezed for all of us.  With family coming in, it would be great to do some taxi tests with someone who can write down engine indications, call out ground-personnel checklist, etc. One runway is closed at KTMB which may be a good thing. I may be able to use it for taxi only without bothering local traffic.

If for some reason I do not post during holiday, may I extend my best wishes to you that are just “plane crazy”. May you have tailwinds and other good fortunes, all.

Charlie (Dragon 921)

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