Supertweet Moves to St. George, Utah

On September 29th, Supertweet flew out of Florida, VFR. Bad weather was moving in, IFR traffic southbound was a mess, so we blasted out VFR up the east cost, turned left at St. Augustine, and on to Tallahassee.  That was first stop of the cross-country.

Leg 1.  KTMB VFR to TLH  40 kt. headwind

Leg 2  KTLH VFR to KHEZ  50 kt. headwind

Leg 3  KHEZ VFR to KGGG  60 kt. headwind

Leg 4  KGGG IFR to KLBB.  70 kt. headwind  Night flight.  Spend night in Lubbock Texas.

Leg 5  KLBB IFR to KGUP  20 kt. headwind

Leg 6  KGUP VFR to KSGU  10 kt. headwind

Ground fog kept the aircraft grounded for two hours at Lubbock; then blast-off when fog burned off.  Besides me having an ill-fitting mask, everything went perfectly. No squawks, nothing down.  We landed at SGU at 1:30pm.


N87921 on ramp of Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum just after landing

The night flight from KGGG to KLBB was something poets write of. And always fail to capture. Unlimited visibility, smooth air, and bright lights of Dallas looking surreal.  With smooth running engines humming the flight is a highlight in my flying career.

I pinned the landing gear, attached the nose-gear towing brace, and pushed the plane into the shade of the hanger, its new home.  Sitting next to a MiG 17, a T38, T37….a great stable.

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